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After looking at the represented featured stories (Featuring on the Menu)  and Detours you have an appreciation of the richness of detail related to the stories, JPEG maps and images and file extensions for your GPS units and mapping software.

You have three options to purchase  The amounts are as follows and includes the postage for options two and three.

1.  Order the DVD with all files…you can then view and print what you want from the photos and maps, along   with accessing all gdb, gpx and kmz links.   This option is $19.99.

2.  Buy the printed guide book along with the DVD  $39.99.



Highlights of the Book and CD

  •     Featured Stories  and Featured Detours reflect the content and format of the 21 Stories and 6  Detours in the book/CD
  •     Four season  adventures featuring a variety of modes of travel across Northern Ontario and a range of challenges from the “Sunday driver” through to the more challenging
  •     Stories and Detours have an “attractive” lead for the book consumer to consider
  •     Specific written descriptions for directions with latitude/longitude and UTM coordinates – critical for beginning and destination  travel points
  •     Specific “secrets” related to the location…this includes access or heritage features often missed with existing information or when information is lacking
  •     GPX, GDB and KMZ files for downloading directly to mapping software and GPS and “smart phone”  devices
  •     JPEG maps at various scales available for printing
  •     Safety tab highlights a travel location tag
  •     Travellers can post their experiences on based on the format being promoted
  •     Consumers can purchase the CD including the book content or the “hard copy” book with the CD
  •     Second volume of stories and detours in the works for 2012
  • website is mobile phone ready (formatted for small screens)

Questions: or Facebook – Steer to Northern Ontario

Keep following the website and explore the Adventures tab.

Prices include postage.  Send a cheque or postal money order (CDN) for any of the options making payable to:

Bill Steer,

Send to:   Bill Steer,  1868 McKeown Ave., North Bay, ON P1B 7N4

Or call 705-840-0848   or (B) 1-888-747-7577, ext. 570 or 705-744-1715, ext. 570.

Email or Facebook – Steer to Northern Ontario


There will be a new version, with new Stories and Detours  each year.